This year’s Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac show again lived up to that billing.
Librela could be a game-changer for some dogs.
Mari-Beth O'Neill remembers a beloved friend, judge and rep.
Or are we just kidding ourselves?
A packed hall in Britain assembled to hear this trio's wise words.

Dogs as well as cows and other livestock are subject to fads in the show ring.
Eavesdrop on an airport conversation between two very different judges.
From grading to treatment, everything you need to know.


Many aging clubs in out-of-the-way locations are now confronting their future viability.
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Westminster descends, AKC institutes Stewards of Children program. Read More
What do you think about AKC holding eight independent owner-handled events as a separate event for which exhibitors will pay an entry fee? Read More

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