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As we disseminate the results of our board of directors election last week…as big as the differences are between the two factions on the board, our problems pale in comparison to the problems across the pond. The real discussion is with our English cousins as they try to come to terms with the breed inspections of the 15 targeted best of breed winners at the Crufts dog show. The aftermath of the six best of breed winners, the Clumber Spaniel, the Pekingese, the Bulldog, the Basset Hound, the Mastiff and the Neapolitan Mastiff not passing the health inspection is that all hell has broken out in the otherwise stayed U.K. Several thousand people have joined the "CANINE ALLIANCE". The Alliance is a group of concerned dog breeders, judges and exhibitors and others who support the sport and feel that the present scheme of vetting dogs at the dog show is not in the best interests of those breeds and every other breed. Its first meeting was held right after the dog show and ANDREW BRACE seems to have taken a lead role in the organization. In an interview ANDREW states that the 15 breed clubs targeted were humiliated and that they are not against any health testing but that it should be for all dogs on a level playing field. He also stated that they are not looking to establish a new kennel club but to present to the English Kennel Club recommendations as to how to proceed from here on. Surely, the way the health inspections were conducted has left many wondering if the procedure could be improved. Two of the judges who judged breed winners that were disqualified were FERELITH SOMERFIELD (Clumber Spaniels) and ZENA THORN ANDREWS (Basset Hounds). Both of these ladies are strong believers and supporters of the Kennel Club and to have their opinions second guessed has angered many of those involved with the sport. ANDREW, one of our feature writers, writes in-depth about this situation in this week's issue, as does RONNIE IRVING and STEVE DEAN. Not many Americans attended Crufts this year. Year after year some regular attendees get bored and want to see other shows in other venues. I think the lure of the World Dog Show held every year in a different country is attracting more Americans. Among the repeat visitors and first time visitors were KAY PEISER, BARBARA MILLER, PAM BEALE, BETH SWEIGART, PETER GREEN, TRAVIS WRIGHT, WOOD WORNALL, JENNIE WORNALL, CHRISTIAN RANGEL, GEORGE WRIGHT, BILL MCFADDEN, VICKI HOLLOWAY, BARBARA LOUNSBURY, SCOTT SOMMER, SYBIL SOMMER, PATRICIA MARCOUILLER, MARJORIE GOOD, LIZ TOBIN, JOE VAUDO, SUSAN & DENNIS SPRUNG, GINA DINARDO, MICHAEL CANALIZO, BARBARA UHLMANN and BILL SECORD, who was the recent recipient of the award of excellence by SPORTING CLASSICS for his contribution to sporting art as an author and dealer. NAN GILLIARD is recuperating from recent arm surgery and hopes to soon be back in the ring. Our deepest sympathies to TERRI MEYERS on the loss of both her parents. ARTHUR "BUD" MEYER and BARBARA MEYER passed away within a month of one another. They bred poodles under the Swag prefix. In addition to TERRI survivors include children ROB, KAREN, NANCY, JOHN and LORI and grand and great grandchildren. Celebrating Birthdays…SUSAN KIPP, REGINA KEITER, GEORGIE COVEY, SONDRA KATZ, PLUIS DAVERN, DIANE STEELE, MARY BEECHER, SHAUN COEN, CHRIS KING, CEIL RUGGLES, TIFFANY SAXON, NICK LOMBARDI, GABRIEL RANGEL, JACKIE HARRINGTON, NICOLE FISHER, DORIS COZART, CINDY SMITH, MARJORIE MARTORELLA, SHANNON STONE, MARY RODGERS, CINDY COOKE, MEAGAN ULFERS, ALLISON FOLEY, KELLY WISCH, LISA STUMPF, DAVID POWERS, DON RODGERS, PEGGY MCDILL and RUTH ZEIGLER. And just one question in closing: ADAM BERNARDIN, what are you doing in MARIPI WOOLDRIDGE'S grooming spot?

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