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Here in the States we speculate and agonize over the upcoming judging panel for the well kept secretive Westminster Kennel Club, where invited judges are honor bound not to reveal their invitation to judge until the panel is released to the public six months before the event. But our English cousins are not quite as dramatic and suspenseful as we are, so it is not surprising that the English Kennel Club has released their judges panel for the 2014 dog show. Selected to judge best in show is Sheltie and Rough Collie breeder JACK BISPHAM. The group judges are PENNY WILLIAMS judging the Gundog group, MICHAEL QUINNEY judging the Hound group, FRANK KANE judging the Working group, GERRARD MORRIS judging the Terrier group, RENEE SPORRE-WILLES from Sweden judging the Toy group, KEN SINCLAIR judging the Utility group and VALERIE FOSS judging the Pastoral group. VALERIE, FRANK & GERRARD have all judged in the States. I didn't see any American judges on the panel. Congratulations to CEIL RUGGLES on the birth of her grandson FLETCHER CAIN RUGGLES thanks to first time parents RACHEL & ANDREW RUGGLES. Born on Sunday, July 22nd FLETCHER weighed in at 8.6 pounds. All the RUGGLES are doing well and we wish them all the best. Anyone who has navigated a darkened hotel room in the middle of the night knows it can be a mine field. So LUC BOILEAU found out when he fell in his hotel room the night before a judging assignment in Alaska. A few stitches later and a new love of night lights, LUC will be back judging at Summer's end. He might be back sooner when his two house guests, LESLEY BOYES and CHUCK WINSLOW, get through with their visit. It wouldn't be the worst idea to travel with a night light, when you think of all the nights we spend away from home in unfamiliar hotel rooms. While the New York Yankees played in Oakland on the west coast, they had a "Dog Night" with over 800 dogs in attendance. Meanwhile on the east coast, up in Boston, thanks to Take the Lead president PAM & JOHN BEALE, supporters of TAKE THE LEAD attended a Red Sox game with the proceeds going to the organization. Keeping score The Yankees lost to Oakland but the Red Sox lost to Toronto. A little P.S. I'm sure the BEALE'S are passing around a get well card for ALEX RODRIGUEZ so don't forget to have TUNI CLAFLIN sign it. Rottweiler breeder exhibitor and handler and most recently judge JAY BEYDA passed last Thursday July 19th from prostate cancer. A true gentleman, he will be missed by his many friends. Our deepest sympathies to his wife MARSHA and children. Birthdaying…JEFFREY LYNN BRUCKER and ANN SKYLER-COBBETT.

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