Montgomery County Kennel Club by Michael McGuire via MCTC Facebook page.
Fri, 10/06/2023 - 7:38pm

Editorial: October 6, 2023

Where can you see 23 national specialties in one day?

There is only one answer … the world-famous Montgomery County Kennel Club. Montgomery is unique in that it is an all-breed kennel-club show but only offers classes for Terrier breeds in the Terrier Group. So when your dog wins the group at Montgomery, it is really winning a Best in Show — a distinction that the late Josephine Deubler reminded these pages on a regular basis, separating Montgomery from other group-only shows. Montgomery shares this status — all-breed, yet only offering classes for breeds in one variety group — with two other shows, the Mile High all Toy breeds show and the Progressive all Toy club. The late Dr. Deubler worked tirelessly to promote the show and cater to the parent clubs as a thank-you for their participation in holding their national specialties in conjunction with Montgomery. Today the leadership is in the capable hands of club president Bruce Schwartz and show chairman Ken Kauffman. The 2023 entry is 1,329 dogs with an entry of 1,702. There are 32 recognized breeds that compete in the Terrier Group. Also this year, 23 of those 32 breeds will consider the classes at Montgomery as their national specialties. In addition, four other parent clubs will support the entry of their breeds at the show. Montgomery has a uniqueness that has earned the prestige and respect of all who breed, exhibit and love Terriers. Weather is always a hot topic of conversation; some years it’s just hot, other years just miserable, but then one year the weather is so perfect for the dogs and exhibitors that all from past years is forgotten and forgiven. It quite a sight to arrive before sunrise and slowly see the sun break through, to see the banners waving in the air around the rings and the trophy table holding those treasured silver bowls inscribed with the names of dogs from the past that are still familiar to most. There are enough tweed jackets, tartan plaid skirts, clothing with horse bits, capes and caps and Wellingtons to make one think you are in the Scottish Highlands. So much so that even George Wright doesn’t have an accent. On Montgomery day, we do. Even people who don’t talk to one another acknowledge one another that Sunday in October … well, almost all — after all, they are Terrier people. Even Peggy Gray, the late Skye Terrier breeder and exhibitor, chose to attend Montgomery and miss her granddaughter’s wedding. Such is the draw of this show. Just ask the exhibitors and handlers who drive across the country to attend. Dog lovers and fanciers involved in other variety groups attend and go away wishing the breeds in their respective groups could hold such a remarkable event. So if you haven't, you should come see a dog show like no other, where the competition is deep and the quality exceptional and the day emotional. After all, it’s Montgomery.   



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