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The Gossip Column, September 25, 2020

Dog-show resurgence, the Kennel Club of Philadelphia reimagines Thanksgiving, Adelene Pardo passes

In what seems to be a promising sign that we are learning how to cope with COVID-19, there are more and more dog shows being held around the country. In spite of some major cancellations, like the LOUISVILLE CLUSTER, we still see an upward trend. The KENNEL CLUB OF PHILADELPHIA and the NBC network have revamped their show for this year.  One show over two days with 200 dogs judged each day for a total entry of 400 dogs. All dogs entered must be champions of record in order to be shown. Maybe not the best of all possibilities, but it affords the television-viewing public an opportunity to watch a dog show on Thanksgiving Day following the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. These are times when creativity is a must, until things return to normal. Welcome back, professional handler MARCELO VERAS, absent from the show ring for several years. MARCELO is hugely talented and a caretaker beyond description. Still located in Ocala, Florida, he is sure to enjoy the same success as he has in the past. I know I heap a lot of praise on him, but in the name of full disclosure, MARCELO cared for and showed my dogs in the past and so I speak from experience. It has been said that MARCELO is the love child of MARIPI WOOLDRIDGE and myself (enough said). DOG NEWS columnist and multiple group judge GEIR FLYCKT PEDERSEN has moved out of Florida. GEIR had a near life-ending experience after being attacked by fire ants, so Southern living became a problem. He is relocating to the Cleveland, Ohio, area to be closer to his son ERIC and family. All of us at DOG NEWS were saddened to hear that Weimaraner breeder, professional handler and author of the handling book LOOSE LEAD, ADELENE PARDO, has passed away. Any trip to a dog show in Texas was made more enjoyable by the presence of ADELENE, a longtime member of the Houston Kennel Club. We send our deepest sympathies to her family and many friends around the country. Happy Anniversary to JIM & MARY HORTON AUGUSTUS and JERRY & LEE BERKOWITZ. Celebrating Birthdays … FRANK SABELLA, GEIR FLYCKT-PEDERSEN, ANDREW GREEN, MICHAEL SHEPHERD, VALERIE ATKINSON, ROBERTA LOMBARDI, PAM BEALE, ROZ MINTZ FOSCO, ALYSA SYAR, BRUCE SCHULTZ, SYDNEY STONE, DAMARA BOLTE, ANN SCHWARTZ, JACK SECREST, MARIE FALCONER, J.R. ALCANTARA, KATHLEEN STEEN, JOE BREEN, BRYAN TIMBY, RICHARD LASHBROOK, MANDY CLEVENGER, PAT CRUZ, LINDA PITTS, JACKIE ADAMS, DAVID BUENO, ANNE CATTERSON, KIRSI SAINIO, ZACK HELMER, GRAHM MILLER, PAM MANDEVILLE, COLTON JOHNSON, KATHY FERRIS, MELODY SALMI, HOLLEY ELDRED, ANNEMARIE RUGGIERI, ERICA LANASA, JOE KINNARNEY, JULIE LYNN MUELLER and PHIL PETILLO.
















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