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A Dog News Christmas Gift

Have you been naughty or nice?

Santa spent lots of time at home this year. While the elves were making toys, Santa caught up on his reading. So many books, and so little time. Having read so many books, the titles reminded him of his many friends who were expecting a gift. The title of each tome was picked out especially for you. Santa hopes you enjoy your gift and the spirit in which it was given. After all, think of those who didn’t get a gift. Isn’t it better to be remembered this holiday season? For those who didn’t have Santa come down your chimney, there is always next year. All those chimneys look the same flying above the rooftops in my sleigh. With that, Santa wishes you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Aaron Wilkerson

Bachelor Nation


Adam & Maddy Peterson

Golden Opportunities


Adam & Katie Bernardin

How To Prepare To Own A Home In Canada


Adrian Agard

Hawaiian Lei Making


Adriano Rocha

Bald Men Always Come Out On Top


AKC Royal Canin National Dog Show

How To Plan A Profitable, Wow-Factor Gala


AKC Museum Gift Shop

111 Museums In NYC That You Must Not Miss


AKC's Board Of Directors

Dare To Lead … Brave Work


AKC's Delegates

Small Acts Of Leadership


AKC's Judges College

Start With Why


AKC's Trinket Booth

How To Sell Anything To Anybody


Alexandra Geremia

Exotic Pets


Alfonso Escobedo & Ashley Whitmore

How To Kid Proof Your I-Phone And I-Pad


Alice & Steve Lawrence

65 Things To Do When You Retire


Alisa Syar

There's No Day Like A Snow Day


Allison Alexander

Crossing Borders


Allison Sunderman

Girl Boss


Amanda Giles

Face Forward


American Kennel Club

The Future Of The Office


Amy Kiell-Green

The Rebel Prince


Amy Rutherford

Sex And The Single Girl


Amy Tourond

A Gift Of Good Wishes


Andrea Glassford

Red, The History Of The Red Head


Andrew Brace

The Seven Streets Of Liverpool


Andrew Green

It Starts With Food


Andrew Peel

A Taste Of Upstate New York


Andy Linton

Dancing With A Single Dad


Angie Lloyd

Book Of Numbers


Ann Rairigh

Beyond Talent


Ann Viklund

There's A Puppy In The House


Anna Stromberg

Valhalla Rising


Anne Katona

Guide To Surviving Everything


Annemarie & Randy Kubacz

A Son Is A Son Till He Gets A Wife


Antonielle Vulpis

Changing Diapers


Anthony Dinardo Jr.

Serve To Win


Ariel & Sarah Cukiers

I Feel So Mmmmm


Barbara Alderman

Slowing Down To The Speed Of Life


Barbara Anderson

Sex For Seniors


Barbara Bentley

Insiders' Guide To Kansas City


Barbara Miller

The Ego Cleanser


Basenji Sisters

Sisters Make Life More Beautiful


Beep & Shari Lee

Essential Succulents


Bergit & Hans Kabel

The Book Of Joy


Beth Sweigart

Unsung Hero


Betty Anne Stenmark

Motorhome Living For Beginners


Bill McFadden

Killer Finds … An Antique Hunters Mystery


Bill Shelton & Steve Leyerly

The Affordable Flight Guide


Bill & Tina Truesdale

The Master Cleanser


BJ & Samantha Whitlow

Buying A Home


Blake Hansen

From Warsaw With Love


Bob & Helen Stein

This Is Where You Belong


Jean Hetherington

Crafts And Hobbies


Bob Busby

The World According To Bob


Bobbi Davis

Grand Old Party


Bobby Fisher

The People We Keep


Bonnie Linnell Clarke

Facebook: The Inside Story


Bonnie Threlfall

Nanaville: Adventures In Grand Parenting


Brenda Combs

The Grapes Of Wrath


Brian Livingston



Bruce  & Tara Schultz

Happily Ever After In Bliss


Bruce Schwartz

Is Superman Circumcised?


Bryan & Nancy Martin

It's My Own Way


Candy Way

Classic Candy


Carissa Shimpeno

The Independent Woman


Carl Ashby

Clans And Tartans


Carla Sanchez

Love Makes A Family


Carlos Puig

The Book Of Snakes


Carmen Battaglia

How Would Jesus Vote?


Carmen Skinner

The Gift Of Years


Carol Grossman

The Politics Of Dating Apps


Carolyn Koch

If I Ran The Horse Show


Celie Florence

The Return


Charlie Olvis & Liz Muthard

The Long Weekend


Charlie Garvin

It's Time To Retire When...


Charlotte McGowan

Aristotle's Four Causes


Charlotte Patterson

Old Friend From Far Away


Chesley Smithey

His Needs, Her Needs


Chris Berg

In Cod We Trust


Chris Freitag

Mad For Ads


Chris Jones

Lost And Found


Chris Manelopoulos

The How To Guide To Home Therapy


Christopher & Dylan Keith

Baby Astrology: Dear Little ...


Cindy Cassidy

Golf Courses Of The World


Cindy Vogels

Effective Multitasking


Clay Coady

Living The Life Unexpected


Cliff Steele

Career Choices & Changes


Clint Livingston

Focus On The Good Stuff


Connie Clark

The Nice Girl Syndrone


Connor McFadden &

Olivia Hodgekinson

The Little Book Of Love


Curtiss Smith

Jilian Is A Mermaid


Dana Bryson Benn

A Walk Along The Beach


Dana Gabel

Drive Your Motorhome


Daniel Chavez

The Science Of Black Hair


Dani Goodland Rose

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden


Daryl Martin

The Crooked Neck Giraffe


David & Pam Peat

The Party Crasher


David & Peggy Helming

Perfect Pairing


David Fitzpatrick

Deep Down Popular


David Frei

Gut Reactions


David Haddock

I Can Do That


David & Jennifer Harper

The Power Of Two


David Merriam

Party Of One, The Loners


David Murray

The Cutting Edge


Debra Ferguson Jones

The Rule Of Law


Denise Flaim

AirBnB For Dummies


Dennis Brown

The Joy Of Pointing


Dennis McCoy & Randy Garren

The Art Of Happy Moving


Dennis O'Connor

West Texas Tales


Dennis Sprung

If I Could Tell You One Thing


Derek Glas

Never Be Late Again


Desi Murphy

The Book Of Unusual Knowledge


Devon Kipp Levy

The Magic Of Motherhood


Dick Schaefer

Where Are the Sun Hats?


Diego & Evelyn Garcia

The Perfect Couple


Dina Planche

The Manhattan Nobody Knows


Don Sturz

Leading With Honor


Donna DiMartini

The Joy Of Mixology


Doberman Ladies

Jocelyn Mullins

Cindy Lane Smith

Ann Ramsbottom White

Carolyn Austin

Teresa Nail

Hillary Zimmerman

Naomi Barksdale

Ashley Claggett

Joyce Cates

Linda George

Kay Backues

Marilyn Moriarty

Bad Ass Women Give The Best Advice


Dorothy Cherry

The Hat Book


Dottie Collier

Feisty, Fabulous & 50+


Dottie James

The Big Book Of Greeting Cards


Doug & Rita Holloway

Retiring In Florida


Doug Belter

Daniel The Miracle Beagle


Doug Johnson

Newcomer's Handbook NYC


Earl Takahashi

It's Snowing In Hawaii


Eduardo Paris

Paris Chic


Ed Thomason

Smarter Faster Better


Edd Bivin

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff


Eddie Boyes

Tiny Beautiful Things


Eddie Dziuk

Skeletons Are Not Spooky


Elaine Lessig

You Are What You Wear


Elizabeth Nelson

It's Momplicated


Ellen & David Roberts

The Beach House


Ellen Charles

The Horse God Built


Ellen Cottingham

The Book Of Balance


Elliot More

A Day In The Life Of A Vet


Elliott Weiss

Keeping The Sabbath


Enid Wright

Understanding Scottish


Erika Lanasa

Train To Chihuahua


Ernesto Lara

The Bachelor Life


Evalyn Gregory

The Secret Of Southern Charm


Evan & Stacy Threlfall

The Gift Of Southern Cooking


Felicia Cashin

Flight Of The Griffons


Florence Foti

100 Things To Do At The Jersey Shore


Fran Smith

So Your Bitch Is Pregnant


Frank & Judy DePaulo

Beneath A Zimbabwe Sun


Frank Murphy

Murphy's Law


Gabriel & Ivonne Rangel

Couple's Bucket List


Gay Glazbrook

Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It


Gayle Bontecou

Old Friends From Far Away


Geir Flyckt-Pedersen

The Senior Dating Scene


Gene Blake & Julie Mueller

You Can’t Be In Two Places At One Time


Geoff Corish

Border Crossing


Geoff Dawson

Everything Happens For A Reason


Geri Kelly

The Chemistry Of Youth


Gina DiNardo

The Well Spoken Thesaurus


Greg Strong

The Happiness Project


Gustavo Molinari



Guy Fisher

Dads And Daughters


Gwen DeMilta

Carry On, Warrior


Harry & Lisa Miller

A Lifelong Love


Heather & Colton Johnson

Five Minutes Peace


Heather Buehner

Bridget Jones's Diary


Hiram Stewart

Myths & Mysteries


Holly Eldred

Strong Woman Stay Young


Howard Huber Jr.

Don't You Know Who I Am?


Howard Huber III

Don't You Know Who I Am?


Jackie & Terry Stacy

The Big Book Of Love


Jackie Beaudoin

Online Dating


James Dalton

My Irish Luck Book


Jamie Hubbard

A Patient Man


Jane Flowers

The Cookie Book


Janet Lange

Fool Me Once


Janet York

City Walks With Dogs


Jason Bailey

Backroads & Byways of Virginia


Jason Mcilwaine

A New Take On Cake


Jason Taylor

Corporate Cultures


Jay Serion

The World Atlas Of Tattoo


Jean Heath

Yankee Doodle Gals


Jeanne Hurty

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent


Jeff Brucker

Crossing Under The Hudson


Jeffery Deaver

The Midnight Lock


Jeffrey Hanlin

The Power Of Habit


Jennifer & Esteban Farias

Romeo & Juliet


Jesse & John Gerszewski

Parking Lot Rules


Jesse & Roxanne Sutton

The Dress Maker's Gift


Jessica Plourde

The Thorn Birds


Jill Ferrera

The Life of a Little Plastic Bottle


Jill Warren

The Fair Chase


Jim Frederiksen & Jim Noe

Emperors of the Peacock Throne


Jim Moses

When You’re The One Who Cheats


Jim Reynolds

Scottish Queens


Jimmy Mitchell

The Giver


Jo-Ann Rosenberg

The Arrival of the Electric Car


Joan Ambrose

The Pride Of Park Ave.


Joan Fisher

The Curious Incident of The Dog In The Nighttime


Joan Scott

Gone With The Wind


Jodi Garcini

182 Best Places To Meet Men


Jodi Longmire

Fluent In French


Joe Gregory

Younger Next Year


Joe Kinnarney

Never Turn Your Back on an Angus Cow


Joe Vergnetti

The Loyal Friend


John & Grahm Miller

Always And Forever


John & Tammie Wilcox

Love & Respect


John Ashbey

The Best Father-In-Law Ever


John Reeve Newson

Talking To Canadians


Johnny Shoemaker

My Magical Sequin Book


Jon Cole

I'm Tall You're Not...


Justin Smithey

A Bite-Sized History Oo France


Kara Gordon

The Rule Of Law


Karen Fitzgerald

Life On The Other Border


Karen Justin

My Big Fat Greek Cookbook


Karen Lefrak

I Hear A Symphony


Karen & Sam Mammano

Out Of Africa


Karen Wilson

Our Family Tree


Kasey O’Brien

Life Beyond College


Kathy & Dave Musto

A Thousand Splendid Suns


Kathy Ferris

What Women Want


Kathy Menaker

All Things Wise And Wonderful


Kay Palade Peiser

The Gift Of Pets


Kaz & Roxie Hosaka

You Be The Judge


Keith Bailey

Start Speaking Welsh


Keith Pautz

The Horse And His Boy


Keke Kahn

The Power Of Letting Go


Kellie Fitzgerald

Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits


Ken & Virginia Murray

International Law, and the Politics of History


Ken McDermott

Extinct Birds


Kiki Courtelis

Kentucky Legends & Lore


Kim & Angela Booth

The Elephant Whisperer


Kim & Gigi Griffith

Livestock Judging


Kim & Tony Calvacca

Eleven Madison Park


Kim Langlands

Guide To Surviving Everything


 Kim Rudzik

Bedtime Stories For Stressed Out Adults


Kim Silva & Rob Garrett

Remote Office Not Required


Kitten Rodwell

On Photography


Kitty Burke

The Ultimate Pretzel Recipe


Klayton Harris



Kurt Hermann

Who Puts The Animals To Bed?


Larry & Carol Brown

The Rockaways


Larry & Laurie Fenner

The Tatoo Dictionary


Larry Cornelius

To All The Boys I've Loved Before


Laura Coomes

The Little Mermaid


Laura King

The Magic Of Thinking Big


Lesley Potts

Defying The Odds


Leslie Simis

Can A Girl Catch A Break?


Letisha & Carlos De La Torre

At Long Last Love


Linda & Ron Mattson

It's OK That You're Not OK


Linda Rowell

Crowd Management


Lindsay Gorder

How To Train A Man


Lisa Arnett

The Little Big Book For Moms


Lisa Bettis

Coming Back To Life


Lisa Croft Elliott

Introduction To Passports & Visas


Lisa Gallizzo

My Life On The Run


Lisa Schrank

The English Gentleman


Lois Demers

You Cannot Be Serious


Loren Morgan

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit


Lori Green

The Motorhome Touring Handbook


Lori Wilson Paust

It Happened In Oklahoma


Lorrie Richer

Night Train To Lisbon


Luke & Diane Ehricht

If I Had Long Hair


Luke & Tammy Seidlitz

Putting Family First


M.J. Nelson

Acronyms, InItialisms & Abbreviations Dictionary


Maggie Peat

Eat To Live


Marcelo Chagas

Samba & Lambada


Marcelo Veras

Conscious Uncoupling


Mareth Kipp

The Chair Rocks


Margaret Poindexter

Justice Is a Lady Lawyer


Mari Beth O'Neill

What Should Have Been


Marilyn Mayfield

Grasping The Grape


Marilyn Title

The Power of Patience


Maripi Wooldridge

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


Marjorie Good

She Persisted


Marlene Depalma

Italians of Pittsburgh


Marti Johnson

The Boston Girl


Mary Donnelly

Madame Secretary


Mary Dukes

Horses Never Lie


Mary Indeglia

Nursing Diagnosis


Megan Huff

Road Trip USA


Merry Jeanne Millner

Georgia Hospitality


Michael & Michelle Scott

The Improv Handbook


Michael Canalizo

Don't Read This ... Your Ego Won't Like It!


Michael Coad

The Big Book of Miniature Horses


Michael Faulkner

The Southerner's Cookbook


Michael Shepherd

Record Makers & Record Breakers


Michael Work

Interesting Stories For Curious People


Michele Molnar

The Power of Positive Thinking


Mike & Linda Pitts

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff


Mike Stone

The Golden Gate


Milan Lint

Video Production Workshop


Mimi Winkler

25 Questions For a Jewish Mother


Missy Galloway

Oodles Of Poodles


Nannette Herrick

Coe Hall At Planting Fields


Nancy Bosley

The Bonjour Effect


Nancy Shaw

Generous People


Nina Fetter

Your Next Five Moves


Noble Inglett

The Magic Toy Box


Norm Kenney

Boots & Saddles


Oscar Quiros

Stay The Course


Pam & John Beale

The Life Before Us


Pam & Mark Desrosier

Look Homeward Angel


Pam Laperruque

My Life On The Road


Pat Billhardt

The Best Kind Of People


Pat Cruz

Simple Cards


Pat Laurans

Breaking Records Book


Pat & Chuck Trotter

Staying Young, Growing Old


Patricia Hearst Shaw

Second Love


Patti Haines

Whole Hog


Patti Proctor

How To Retire Happy, Wild & Free


Patti Strand

Lots Of Spots


Patty Keenan

Bossy Pants


Paul Catterson

Parenting Bright Kids


Paul & Chrystal Clas

Weird But True Canada


Paula Nykiel

The Heart Of America


Paula Spector

Everything I Never Told You


Peggy Beisel Mcilwaine

The Baron Trump Collection


Perry Payson

20 Years Younger


Peter Green

Ask A Footballer


Peter Kubacz

I Thought It Was Just Me


Phoebe Booth

The Reluctant Heiress


Polly Smith

A Wrinkle In Time


Queensboro Kennel Club

Broken Glass


R.C. Carusi

Handbook For Men Over 40


Rebecca Cross

The Tale Of Genji


Regina Keiter

The Charm School


Reisman Sisters



Remy Lewis-Smith

100 Things Every Homeowner Must Know


Rhanda Glenn

Every Cowgirl Needs A Horse


Richard Souza

The Complete Works of Ernest Hemingway


Rick & Mandy Justice

The Book Of Joy


Ricky & Jenny Krieger

The New England Waterfalls


Roberta Lombardi

Natural Hair Care


Robin Novack

Lead Like A King/Queen


Romana Arnold

Good To Be Great


Ron Menaker

A Little Piece Of Mind


Roy & Jo Ann Kusumoto

The Power Of Kindness


Roz Kramer

Awaken The Giant Within


Roz Mintz Fusco

Moving To Florida


Russella Bowen

An Independent Woman


Ryan Wolf

Because I'm Your Dad


Sally Sweat

On The Banks of Plum Creek


Sam McDonald

Lone Star


Sandra Middlebrooks

Westminster Confession


Sandy D’Andrea

First, Break All The Rules


Sarah & Matt Perchick

Ultimate Date Night


Scott Kellogg

A Day In The Life Of A Country Vet


Scott Sommer

Keeping A Backyard Horse


Scott Yergin

A Cook's Tour


Sean McCarthy

Getting Involved


Sheila DiNardo

Beauty Pageants


Sheree Moses



Sioux Forsyth-Green

Secrets Of A Happy Home Inspector


Snooki Salmi

Empire Falls


Spanky Clothier

From Broadway To The Bowery, Dead End Kids


Stan Flowers

How To Write Your Own Life Story


Stuart McGraw

A Handbook For Engaged Couples


Susan & John Hamil

Ten Little Bloodhounds


Susan Sprung

Winter In Rhode Island


Susie & Jorge Olivera

Fantastic Families


Susie Atherton

Blue Flame Favorites


Susie Depew

South Carolina


Sydney Good

The Grown Woman's Guide To Online Dating


Taffe McFadden

Love & Respect For A Lifetime


Tara Martin Rowell

It's All Greek To Me


Teresa Nail

The Things We Cannot Say


Terry Hundt

Why 80 Is Delightful


Terry Miller &  Dominique Debe

Sensible Shoes, A Story About The Spiritual Journey


Terry Smith

Aging Powerfully


The Cleggs

The Great Big Book Of Family


The James Brothers

Side Jobs


Tiffany & Shea Skinner

The Power Couple


Tim Brazier

Palm Springs Confidential


Tim Lehman

Black Dogs


Tim Terella

Arctic Adventure


Tim Thomas

Handbook For Memo Writing


Tom Bradley

Best In Show


Tom Davies

Lost Springfield


Tom Weigand

The Decisive Moment


Tommy Millner

The Book Of Gun Trivia


Tomoko McFadden

Japanese Men


Tracy & Luis Abreu

Partners At Home And At Work


Tuni & Ernie Conti

Red Sox Vs. Yankees, The Great Rivalry


Valerie Nunes-Atkinson

Getting Back Out There


Vicki Holloway

Shooting In Sh*Tty Light


Vicki Seiler Cushman

I Deserve A Donut


Victor & Susan Malzoni, Jr.

A Florida State Of Mind


Vikki Oelerich

What Happens At Grandma's Stays At Grandma's


Vinnie Indeglia

Thinking Like A Lawyer


Wayne Ferguson

South Beach Style


Wendell Sammet

Living The Good Long Life


Wendy & Jimmy Bettis

The Power Of A Friend


Wood Wornall

Fast. Feast. Repeat.


Zane Smith

The Everything Poodle Book


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