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Editorial: January 24, 2023

Books on breeds

The Dog News library is filled with hundreds of books on everything related to dogs. There are in-depth books on certain breeds, fluff books on other breeds, formula books on breeds in which the first chapters are all about the breed on the cover and then the rest of the book is about caring for a new puppy, feeding, care, socializing, grooming, medical information regarding immunization and other related health matters. All the above books have extensive photograph collections for eye appeal. Breed books take the lion’s share of the shelving, as they are greatest in number. Then come advice books: grooming, handling and breeding, which includes picking your first dog, selecting the sire, health-related precautions, whelping, caring for the puppies, caring for the dam — the advice is overwhelming. There are reference books that come in very handy for research. There are general-interest books. There are books created for a specific dog by its owners. There are cartoon books, fantasy books that include a dog or two, action books, books on dogs that became Hollywood stars, children’s books, books whose jackets are more interesting than their contents, dust-covered books that are a great read and even a book we were instrumental in publishing whose proceeds went to Take the Lead, entitled

A Giftdogs Gift To Santa

By Denny Kodner

There are books by authors who are good friends respected in the area of their writings, some written by total strangers unknown to us, and some books that never collect any dust. In listing those that are always close at hand, among the first that come to mind are:


Born To Win                               

Written By Patricia Craig Trotter    


Great Show Dogs Of America

Written and Compiled by Irene Castle Khatoonian Schlintz


Greyhounds In America              

Written and Compiled by Sue A. Lackey                                        


The International Encyclopedia  of Dogs

Edited by Anne Rogers Clark and Andrew H. Brace


The Complete Dog Book

Compiled by the American Kennel Club                        


The Complete Herbal Book For The Dog

Written by Juliette de Bairacli Levy


The American Kennel Club: 1884-1984                                        

Edited By Charles A.T. O’Neill                          


Who’s Who In Dogs

Written and compiled by Connie Vanacore


Canine Terminology

Written by Harold R. Spira


The Merck Veterinary Manual

Merck Pharmaceutical



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