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Editorial: January 13, 2023

Number one, number none

The final statistics are in for the 2022 calendar year. A year of nail-biting competition on the breed and all-breed level and of course the most reported of all, the Top Ten Dogs of All Breeds and the Top Dogs in Each Variety Group. Each of these accomplishments, from the breed level to the all-breed level, carries importance for the breeders and owners of these dogs. Many are content just to participate in the sport and have no interest in obtaining any ranking for their dogs. That is the hallmark of our sport: We are free and able to participate on any level of competition we choose, yet we all come away with the satisfaction of being part of the dog-show community. There are two Dog News Top Ten List rating systems: The first is the Dog News Top Ten List Breed Level, which only calculates Best of Breed wins, and second is the Dog News Top Ten List All Breed, which includes the Best of Breed wins as well as any points won on an all-breed level (placing or winning in your respective group and Reserve Best in Show and Best in Show). As many know, the Dog News Top Ten List rating system was given to us by the late Irene Phillips Schlintz, who was the originator of the first rating system in the country. We strongly believe in both systems, which are published by us on a monthly basis. With that family spirit, we congratulate all the winners, from the number ones in each and every breed and onward — including those who finished dogs or achieved any level of personal success. We share a unique bond with our dogs and the friends we make over the years, who slowly and surely become our dog-show family — you know, the ones we spend every weekend and several major holidays with throughout the year, leaving our friends and relatives at home scratching their heads in wonderment. 

So as we begin the 2023 calendar year, all the number ones become the number nones, and we all start the new year from the beginning. All of last year’s statistics are in the record books and the cycle continues. Right now we are all number one, so enjoy the moment and then get on with it. All of us at Dog News wish each and every one a happy and healthy new year with great success in and out of the ring. As the dog-show weekends become longer and more stressful, remember it’s just a dog show and tomorrow is another day, another show, another judge and another competition. Drive safe, stop when you’re tired, and we hope to see you all down the road during what we hope is a great 2023. Remember: Every January 1st, the Number One is the Number None.



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