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The Gossip Column, February 5, 2021

Virtual dog museum bash, the price of pooches, more passings

Don’t forget there is still time to join the virtual gala NIGHT WITH THE MUSEUM honoring long-time supporter RON MENAKER. There will be testimonials from friends and a silent auction. The February 12 event will help raise funds for the AKC MUSEUM OF THE DOG. The museum, like so many others, is suffering financially due to lack of visitors during this pandemic. So let's cheer RON on and raise a little cash for the Museum. To sign up, visit or …

It looks like the rest of the world just figured out what we always knew: Dogs are expensive. The WALL STREET JOURNAL recently wrote about the “pandemic puppy” phenomenon and its resulting sticker shock. According to ROVER.COM, an online service that matches owners with pet sitters and walkers, the estimated yearly cost of a dog’s basic needs is $610 to $2,115. But in a 2020 survey, the site found that 47 percent of dog owners spent a whopping $3,400 on their dogs last year. According to a “trend expert” from Rover interviewed by the Journal, some 58 percent of owners do not budget for their dogs. Food is typically the biggest expense; other sources of cha-chinging are pet insurance, health care and meds, grooming and boarding. …

Though the East Coast was bombarded by snow this week, disrupting travel and business, there is a hint of some thawing in at least one area: indoor COVID restrictions. New York State recently announced it will permit weddings and other events of up to 150 people or 50 percent of the venue’s capacity, whichever is smaller, starting March 15, provided everyone on site has proof of a negative COVID test. In New York City, indoor dining is on target to reopen in the middle of this month. Signs, perhaps, that we have started to learn how to live with COVID… “

Off the charts” would not be an inaccurate description of the reactions, on social media and elsewhere, to the recent announcement that Junior Showmanship will be open to mixed breeds registered as AKC Canine Partners starting in July. The subject gets a thorough vetting in this issue in our Weekly Question pages, and in columns by PAT TROTTER and ANDREW BRACE. …

Well-known and very popular Sheltie breeder JULIE DESY has passed away. Our deepest sympathies to her family and many friends around the country. Well-known Boxer breeder and judge TOM SQUICCIARINI has passed away. Our deepest sympathies to his family. WALLY PEDE, Afghan Hound breeder and judge, passed away. WALLY co-founded the SCJA (SENIOR CONFORMATION JUDGES ASSOCIATION) with MELBOURNE DOWNING and JOE GREGORY. Our sympathies to his wife KAY and family. … Happy anniversary to NANCY & BRYAN MARTIN. Celebrating Birthdays are BERGIT KABEL, MARCELO CHAGAS, LARRY CORNELIUS, LORI KAUTH, RC CARUSI, BRYAN BOYES, JOAN FISHER, JOHN KRUKAR, SUSAN CARR, KIP KOPATCH, TONIA HOLIBAUGH, SIOUX GREEN, KERRY KUPER, CELIE FLORENCE and KATIE BERNARDIN.


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