Cliff Steele and Jeff Wright are joining the executive-field-rep ranks of the American Kennel Club.
Wed, 07/14/2021 - 1:39pm

The Gossip Column, July 16, 2021

Field rep appointments at the American Kennel Club

The four vacant openings for an AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB FIELD REPRESENTATIVE have been filled. The last two hires will be joining the previously mentioned GREG MCCARTHY, who replaced BRYAN MARTIN in the Pacific Northwest, and JILL BELL, who will cover the greater Texas area that was the territory of the late SUE VROOM. ...

Professional handler CLIFF STEELE from New York will be replacing the retiring head of the field reps PATTIE PROCTOR. While I am really pleased for CLIFF, I’m saddened to see PATTIE retire. Hiring her as the head of the field reps was sheer genius on the part of the kennel club, which is not something that they are especially known for. CLIFF has had the rare combination of occupations as a professional handler turned judge who then returned to handling. He enjoyed great success in other fields as I’m sure he will as a field rep. ...

JEFF WRIGHT, whose name is synonymous with Cocker Spaniels, will round out the new hires, replacing GINA WIESER. JEFF hung up his lead this past weekend with a Best in Show. We wish all the new hires the best of luck in their new positions, and a special thank-you to PATTIE PROCTOR for a job well done. This past weekend, the dog shows held in Dallas honored two popular and missed individuals: field rep SUE VROOM and judge DON SUTTON. ...

A Recent DOG NEWS editorial discussed libraries of books about dogs. While some expressed their favorites, Hound and Herding group judge D JAY HYMAN brought his dog-book library to our attention. As with many in the sport of purebred dogs, our dog memorabilia gets dispersed to several individuals, if at all. Mostly they wind up in the trash. Some of what is thrown away is personal to the owner, but there are gems that deserve to be shared with us in the sport. While I am neither a sales representative nor do I have a vested interest, I mention JAY because he would like to sell his entire library of more than 350 dog books to one collector or institution. It is his desire to keep the collection whole and not have books sold separately. If you have any interest, please contact JAY directly at I well remember STEVIE & JIM FARRELL’S Westminster Best in Show trophy being sold online. ...

A sad ending to a cherished win and a big part of purebred-dog history in the United States. Truly a sad and unique occurrence last weekend at the shows in Massachusetts. ALICE LAWRENCE of Puli and Havanese fame, and former American Kennel Club Herding Group Breeder of the Year with her husband STEVE, was walking through the dog show when a Rhodesian Ridgeback jumped at her with his front paws. She was knocked down on the cement floor and taken to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with two fractures in her pelvis. At home, in pain and unable to walk, it will take months for her to heal. All of us at DOG NEWS send our very best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery. A very special birthday wish to that golf-club-swinging CAPTAIN JEAN HEATH, whose age belies her looks and made me snap to attention. 


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