Dog run at New York City's Washington Square Park.
Sat, 07/03/2021 - 9:27am

The Gossip Column, July 9, 2021

Relocations, overseas trips and Manhattan's best dog park

When MR. & MRS. COLE of Oyster Bay Kennels watched their son JON grow up, who knew he would become the next generation dog breeder and go onto become a judge. Now an all-breed judge, JON is celebrating his 50th year as an American Kennel Club judge. Congratulations. ...

Professional handlers STACY & EVAN THRELFALL are moving from their New England home and heading south to North Carolina. They have purchased the home and kennel of retired professional handlers and now multiple group judges DENNIS MCCOY & RANDY GARREN. This move will also put them closer to their two sons’ paternal grandmother, BONNIE THRELFALL. Dog shows in the Northeast won’t be the same without them. DENNIS & RANDY purchased a new home close by to their soon-to-be old digs. We wish them all years of happiness. ...

Now that England is opening up to tourists on July 19th, PETER GREEN & BETH SWEIGART are off to the Bath championship dog show. Just a short drive to Wales, where PETER will be able to visit with family. The trip will no doubt include a visit to the English Kennel Club. Meanwhile the younger GREENS, ANDREW & AMY, are readying for a trip to Saint Tropez to visit with WOLFGANG STAMP & BARBARA BRUNS. ...

Scottish Deerhound and now Pekingese fancier JANELLE ROSEN is visiting her daughter LILLY, who is living in Israel. That leaves the real Jewish prince ELLIOTT WEISS to fend for himself while JANELLE is away. ...

New York is an amazingly dog-friendly city when you consider the large-sized population in a relatively small area surrounded by water. New York City maintains 84 dog parks throughout the city, but one holds a unique position. ASTRO'S DOG RUN is a private park, one of a handful for members only. Located in the Port Authority Bus Terminal on the west side of Manhattan, nestled between bus ramps, the graveled area has a pergola decorated with hanging plants, where owners sit and watch their dogs at play. Forty dollars a year covers the expenses, insurance and other necessities. It is available 24 hours a day and is accessible by your own key. All dogs are vaccinated, and, in a truly democratic society, if two dogs get into a fight, both dogs leave the park. The other members-only parks around the city range from no yearly fees to several hundred dollars, depending on size and location. 



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