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The Gossip Column: May 27, 2022

Heat and Covid deliver a one-two punch to Long Island dog shows

The hot, hot, hot – did I mention humid? – dog show took place this past weekend on Long Island. The first two days were the Ladies’ Kennel Association, and Sunday was the Long Island Kennel Club show. The absentee rate rose as the weekend progressed, along with the heat and humidity; only the brave and heat resistant gathered after the Saturday show for drinks and dinner poolside, where the guests included THE NANNY’S mother RENEE TAYLOR, VICKI SEILER-CUSHMAN, LAURA TAFT, KIM & TONY CALVACCA, ROBIN GREENSLADE, HERNAN PACHECO, BETH SWEIGART, PETER GREEN, KAKI & BOBBY FISHER, AMY & ANDREW GREEN, LINDSAY GORDER, JEFF HANLIN, ROZ & JASON FOSCO, ROXANNE SUTTON, RENEE GALLIZZO, DENISE FLAIM, JACK NORTON, KUNO SPIES, ERNEST LARA, ANDREA FERNANDEZ, and DARLENE & MARTIN BELLO. ...

It might have been CLIFF STEELE’S next-to-last weekend as an AKC field representative, but I’m sure he would have liked it to have been his last. Sunday, club president BARBARA MILLER was home because of Covid; two judges, JOAN GOLDSTEIN and CAROL REISMAN, cancelled because of Covid, and show chairman HONI REISMAN took over their assignments in addition to her other show duties. Between the change of judges and the late group start time and scheduling, the number of dogs in each group dwindled to a precious few. Then, to top it all off, two different bench shows. You just can’t beat Mother Nature – between Covid and the weather, let’s just say it was a long day. ...

All of us at DOG NEWS were saddened to hear that our good friend and longtime columnist JOHN MANDEVILLE passed away. JOHN wore many hats in the sport, and a full obituary appears in this issue. Our deepest sympathies to his wife PAM and family. ...

Well-known Beagler and judge DAVID HILTZ has passed away. Together with his wife and fellow judge LESLEY, they bred very successful Beagles under the Starbuck prefix. We send our deepest sympathies to LESLEY and the family. ...

SANDY DENNIS, the former wife of the late handler and judge RIC CHASHOUDIAN, has passed away. SANDY’S interest was in Poodles, but quickly changed to Terriers when she was introduced to RIC by her good friend PATTI (KEMP) GALLAGHER. When their marriage ended, SANDY returned to her family’s travel business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where one of the employees was SANDY NOVICK, the daughter of Pointer and Scottish Terrier fanciers SONNIE & ALAN NOVICK




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