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The Gossip Column, October 9, 2020

Orlando update, London marathon, Bradshaw relocates, farewell Maxine Beam

If this COVID-19 reminds us of anything, it would be the large entry numbers at the limited amount of dog shows. Something that the American Kennel Club might want to consider when things return to a more normal lifestyle. Less is more, even when it comes to the number of dog shows approved by the kennel club. Now that Florida’s governor has opened up the state to pre-Covid-19 conditions,

a question that is frequently asked of this office is will the American Kennel Club still stand by their recommendations of wearing a mask while on the show grounds? The answer is yes; even though that rule does not apply in Florida any longer, it is still of great concern to those who feel

safer wearing one. And the other inquiry that comes across my desk with regularity: Will DENNIS SPRUNG and the rest of the American Kennel Club staff isolate themselves for two weeks when they return to New York following the dog show? Yes, they will. … This past weekend the London

Marathon took place with only the elite runners on a newly designed course in London. The other 40,000-plus runners were allowed to run anywhere they chose, with microchips in their running shoes. One of the runners was Skye Terrier fancier AOIBHEANN (pronounced “Aveen”) GREENE, who ran the race wearing her DOG NEWS cap and completed it in a very respectable 6 hours, 11 minutes in the pouring rain. Glad we had the representation, as no one in this office could run it. Some of you might remember AOIBHEANN as one of the singers from the PURINA PRO PLAN SHOWDOGS OF THE YEAR AWARDS dinner several years ago. … After 42 years on Olympic Boulevard in Los Angeles, JACK BRADSHAW DOG SHOWS has moved to 320 Maple Avenue, City of Torrance, California. Their phone number remains the same and the email is Wishing this generation of BRADSHAWS all the best. What a great family. … ANDREW GREEN had a small, outdoor, socially distant birthday gathering at his home with all the GREENS: PETER, RICHARD, MELANIE, GAYNOR in attendance along with BETH SWEIGART, DAVE & PEGGY HELMINGS. …Handler GUSTAVO MOLINARI is back showing dogs, even as he recovers from recent shoulder surgery. … Happy anniversary to HILDA & JOHN BRADSHAW. Celebrating birthdays… EDDIE BOYES, LESLIE SIMIS and her mom BEVERLY SIMIS, AMELIA MUSSER, ROBERTA LOMBARDI, JEAN BOYD, LENNY BROWN, RYAN WOLFE, SARAH KRICKEBERG, PATTY SOSA, PHOEBE BOOTH, GERARD THOMPSON, CINDY HUCKFELDT, KAREN MAMMANO, MICHELLE SANTANA, ARLENE BUTTERKLEE, REBECCA LYCAN, BARBARA HECKERMAN, DENNY MOUNCE, BILL BUSCH, ADAM WILKERSON, ROBIN NOVACK, BARBARA RUPPERT and my most favorite person JACKIE GOTTLIEB.



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