M.J. Nelson

Cows look innocent enough, but beware!
In the field, it's bovines and birds that pose the most risk to the unsuspecting. Read More
Clutch dog moments in which the human fumbled. Read More

"The look" is considerably less loving that this Golden's gaze. Just don't use the wrong command during the glove retrieve in obedience.
You'll know it when you see it — and hope that you never do. Read More

Just because a Golden Retriever is a conformation champion doesn’t mean it can’t hunt.
With apologies to Irving Berlin, dogs love doing what they were bred to do. Read More
Nicknames are an integral — if sometimes embarrassing — part of dog ownership. Read More
… or are humans just willing “pigeons”? Read More
Handlers take a fair share of the blame when it comes to performance flubs. Read More
The Pomeranian retains the instincts and grit of its Arctic ancestors. Read More


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