M.J. Nelson

My dog hunts. You got a problem with that?
And neither, it seems, do a lot of dog people. Read More

Some parent clubs have developed working programs that are specific to their breed’s historical activity, such as the Dalmatian Club of America’s road dog program.
Planning your dog's life after dog shows. Read More
A field-trial judge shares some near misses. Read More

Soon it would be time to pack up and go south – the birds to avoid the realities of the Canadian prairie’s winter and the author to deal with the realities of work as an investigative reporter. But for now ... aah, perfection.
M.J. Nelson recalls moments of perfect harmony in the field with her Sporting dogs. Read More

Direct from the manual: Any time meals aren’t being served is nap time, unless someone offers to go shoot birds for you. (Krista Smude, photo)
Somewhere there has to be one. And the dogs must actually know what’s in it. Read More

True (GChb Laurelwood’s True Bearing BN RN SH), Laurea Griggs’ Chesapeake, is currently the number-one Chesapeake female and number-one NOHS Chesapeake. She is also working on her Master Hunter title. (McCall Photographic Designs photo)
The Chesapeake Bay Retriever is also awash in versatility. Read More

Their original job of chasing away predators and rodents has made many German Pinschers enthusiastic coursing dogs.
Meet the ever-versatile German Pinscher. Read More
Dogs can teach us some very valuable —to say nothing of humiliating — lessons. Read More
Dogs who like to "think outside the box" make life interesting, both in the ring and out. Read More


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