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Their original job of chasing away predators and rodents has made many German Pinschers enthusiastic coursing dogs.
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This and all accompanying photos courtesy of Tom Sweeney Photography.
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Tani (Ch Tayla N Firemark’s Say With Me Titania VCDC1 CDX MH JHR RN CGCA CGCU TKP SDX RDXa VX4 NAVHDA NA Prize 1 NAVHDA UT Prize 1), Gretchen Stephenson’s and Janet Boggs’ Weimaraner, shows the intensity of the breed when they are on a bird.
Weimaraners are an unusual sporting breed. Not only does their hunting style, described as “stealthy” and “catlike,” differ from that of the other pointing breeds, but their color is unique as well. Read More


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