Some exhibitors swear by the three-rubber-band rule!
Fri, 06/17/2022 - 6:01pm

Question of the Week

Do you have any superstitions, rituals or favorite colors when you enter the ring?


Terrie Houck

Mount Holly, North Carolina

I never look at who is doing the group until after the breed is finished. The same for Best in Show. And all my friends know not to tell me.


Liz Karshner

Sardinia, Ohio

Yes, I have plenty! Included are picking up my armbands at a particular point during the judging (and always picking those up myself!), donating any clothing that seems to be a “loser” and wearing my “lucky” jewelry.


Tracy Potts 

San Antonio, Texas 

I wear the same national breed club lapel pin at every show. Something just feels wrong if I don’t have it on. I’m pretty sure I would continue to wear it even if I wasn’t a member or showing that particular breed.


Lucretia Coonrod

Tecumseh, Oklahoma 

I will NOT wear red or use anything red on my dog or crate. Not even towels! Plus, I must have three rubber bands on my armband!


Alice Lawrence 

Stafford Springs, Connecticut

Except for Ladies Dog Club shows, I rarely wear red when competing. Psychologically, it conveys second place or worst, Best of Opposite! Blue is far better. Also, we never let anyone pick up our armband numbers for us.


Julie L. Mueller

Tulsa, Oklahoma   

I love that you clarified "when you enter the ring." If I am feeling anxious, I pretend that my favorite judge is judging the breed. I take a deep breath and say to myself, "Feet, don't fail me now!" I know that this person respects and appreciates Aurora Salukis. I also know that this judge is going to be extra critical of my dog and me. That is great, I like that, no favors, just judging the dogs, as it should be. And after the judging is done, he may tell me, "OK, I like what you did here, but I want you to do this next time."

I have had newcomers ask me how to handle the pressure. I always tell them, pretend you are in your backyard with your dog that you love so much, practicing for the show ring. Focus on your dog and the judge. You will be just fine. 


Lori Kauth

El Sobrante, California

Never wear RED ... You will go second!


Linda Augustine 

Canastota, New York

I feel I need to have my Breeder of Merit pin on.


Diana L. Skibinski 

Crown Point, Indiana

I actually do have a few rituals or superstitions! I always use three rubber bands to secure my armband. I guess I just don’t want it falling off. I never, ever wear red because it clashes with my hair, and it might influence the judge to give me a similar-colored ribbon. Lastly, I might wear something spotted for luck. You may see that or not!


Mark Francis Jaeger

Mason, Michigan

I always place three Altoids peppermints between my upper lip and gum before I go into the ring. My recollection of its origin is hearing the Alstons say that the aroma of peppermint masks our nerves from the dogs.


Lynda Weinstein 

Porterville, California

Accidentally stepping in dog poop on the day of the show is … good luck! (Lemons into lemonade!)




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