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Question of the Week

Has your involvement in breeding and showing dogs resulted in your children or other family members becoming involved with the sport?

Lindley Henson

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Definitely! My son, Cameron, was a top Junior (two-time Westminster finalist). He is still showing. He and his fiancee are continuing my Levrier Nain PBGVs. My husband is a worker bee for whatever kennel club I'm part of as we move around the country. Other son has a cat.

(My mom and dad bred and showed Pembrokes. I didn't have any interest until I was an adult.)


Kambria Ledesma 

Waupun, Wisconsin

Yes! My parents have bred and shown Brussels Griffons for the past 40 years and counting, and have passed the love of the breed down to me and my sister. Now my husband and son attend almost every show with us and enjoy seeing their best friends win ribbons (regardless of the ribbon). I sincerely hope to continue tradition and involve my son (soon to be sons) in Junior Showmanship when they’re old enough. Though if they’re anything like me, they will prefer the breed ring. 


Brenda Belmonte 

Lead, South Dakota 

Yes! My daughter grew up in the sport, and is a successful breeder and handler now as an adult. 

Children who are involved in our sport learn critical life skills! They learn empathy for others, how to win and lose graciously, form long-term friendships, share our passion for dogs, and often go on to mentor others! 

I am so glad I supported her as a Junior! 


Sudan M. Carter

Bushnell, Florida

No family involvement here. They will listen to my win and loss stories, but no interest in the actual dogs. In fact, no one will even take one of my dogs from me, and I have multiple breeds!


Geraldine Shastid 

Haymarket, Virginia 

I have bred and shown Bullmastiffs for 54 years. From the beginning, although a child, my eldest daughter Kelly Whitfield has been my right arm and partner. She also continues with the breed to this day. My other children and some grandchildren also still have them as companions, as do other relatives. Although not personally interested in showing or breeding, some of these "pets" have been successfully shown and/or bred to help keep the line alive. 


Jodie Childers 

Springfield, Illinois

Most definitely. My parents started showing and breeding Basset Hounds in 1960. Of their four daughters, I have continued to show dogs. All four of us have only owned purebred dogs. I have continued breeding and showing dogs with my husband. Both our daughters are very active in both conformation and performance events. My oldest daughter is a professional handler.


Dr. and Mrs. Meisels

Tampa, Florida

We have been showing dogs, mostly Westies, for more than 60 years. Our daughter Laura (now Brown) started showing when she was seven years old and still holds the record as the youngest handler ever to win BIS at an all-breed conformation show, in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1970 when she was eight years old. She is now intimately involved in the sport and also shows our dogs since we are now a bit too old to get around the ring ourselves.


Nancy Tuthill

Sharpsburg, Maryland

Sadly not. Cumbrian Pointers will end with Henri and myself. A breeding program 30 years in the U.K. and 55 years here with us. 


Jay Hyman

Mt. Airy, Maryland

I have three sons, aged 57 to 65. The oldest did junior handling with a Whippet, and has always had show Ridgebacks, but did not show his dogs as an adult. If worthy they were shown, either by me or a handler. After finishing they were not campaigned. The other two sons loved dogs and throughout life had at least two, but had different breeds and did not show them. Each of the three, as adults, had different interests and did activities with their sons. The other breeds they have had are Goldens, Labs, Komondorok, Anatolians, Mini American Shepherds. They were show quality but not shown; rather, each was a companion and served as a member of the household.

One grandson now has an infant daughter, and they have a Boxer and an Australian Cattle Dog. Another grandson has a Pug. We certainly could design a dog, if we believed in that.


Polly Smith

St. Stephens Church, Virginia

Not in the showing or conformation, but very active in bird hunting, and is an active member and officer of the Quail Forever chapter in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Barbara Miller

Brookville, New York

Another great question. I’ve had dogs all my life. My children grew up with puppies in the house. The boys were always more interested in sports and my daughter in horses. From the time each child arrived they more or less tripped over Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier pups followed by Norfolk Terrier puppies. You can lead a horse to water, but sometimes you can’t make them drink. Each has dogs, but none followed in my footsteps. And to think I schlepped them to dog shows when they were little. I guess my passion just wasn’t theirs.



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