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Question of the Week

Have you ever been to the USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center, and what are your thoughts about the new venue selected by the Westminster Kennel Club?

Dr. Jerry Klein

Chicago, Illinois

Exciting change. Most notably, it brings the show closer to the citizens of New York City. They have supported Westminster for years. They are owed access to a great dog event.


Steve Herman

Wesley Chapel, Florida 

I have been to the Tennis Center.

My thoughts: “Love/Love”! 


Sue Goldberg

Warren, New Jersey

These are big venue "shoes" to fill to match the beauty of the Lyndhurst estate and the glamour of the Garden, but if anyone can pull it off, Dave Helming and his team can! There were many doubters when Westminster's breed judging left for the Piers, but the coordination, the logistics and the attention to detail amazed everyone. Eager to see what they have in store this time and wishing them the best of luck!


Janet York

New York, New York

I think it is a bad idea!

1. Exhibitors don’t like to come to Long Island. Bridges and tunnels are always delayed — believe me, I live in the city. And traffic is awful! For example, on Mondays I drive to Bay Shore to train my dogs. It is exactly 50 miles from my apartment. I leave at 8 a.m. and drive east against the incoming work traffic. I leave two hours for this drive. I return at 1 p.m. and get home in one hour and 15 minutes. Traffic is nuts!

2. If you look at the Long Island shows throughout the year you see low entries — note the above.

3. I have been to the covered stadium during the Open and the air conditioning is lousy. May can be hot, so another concern. This is where the evening groups will be.

4. There will be a lot of walking, especially from the parking areas to the tennis-court rings. Don’t know how they can work this concern better for the exhibitors. 

Lyndhurst is a much better site and sorry we are not returning there!


Kristi and Vernon A. Wheeler

Maricopa, Arizona

Geez, something convenient for exhibitors — what a great idea (and long overdue).


Wayne Ferguson

Broadway, New Jersey

It's a wonderful site, and I'm sure the show will be as beautiful as ever. 


Sylvia Arrowwood

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Never been there, but it looks interesting. Let’s all give it a try before commenting/squawking. Of course, it's hard to leave an old, tried friend, but fond memories will last forever. 


Desi Murphy

Monroe, New York

It will be GREAT!


Barb Ewing

Las Vegas, New Mexico

The Tennis Center is a fabulous venue. Unfortunately, this is a busy time of year for all-breed shows and specialties, and it will hurt a lot of small clubs (while benefitting some in the Northeast).  


Laura Lynn Coomes

Ocala, Florida

I can’t wait to see the venue the Westminster Kennel Club found. We found an AirBnB close to the show site that also allowed show dogs. 


Karen Kirby Ash

Moultonborough, New Hampshire

The castle was better!


Patrick Byrne

Kansas City, Kansas

From the photo the venue looks very impressive. I like the new date. Hope to attend this year.


Norma Friel

Flagler Beach/Palm Coast, Florida

I think it will be an improvement over Madison Square Garden. More people will be able to attend without having to go into the city. It is unfortunate how crime in NYC has impacted so many people. Before moving to Florida, I would go to Westminster every year. Change is good.


Garnett Persinger

Conneautville, Pennsylvania

I really feel that the logistics of showing in New York City or Flushing are a nightmare. Hotels are expensive, parking is hard to find and expensive, and the traffic is horrendous. I had really hoped that they would find a venue that was outside the city to use. I know that Lyndhurst was not a permanent answer. My other issue is: Which dog-show club will this change of date affect? Is that fair to that club as many are struggling to survive?


Julie L. Mueller

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

No, I have never been to USTA Billie Jean National Tennis Center. My feelings are excitement with a large dash of anxiety! We all know that the Westminster Kennel Club will make this a fabulous show and a one-of-a-kind experience. I hope that some famous tennis players are there to watch the dogs! 


Christie Martinez

Gig Harbor, Washington

Congratulations to the Westminster Kennel Club for obtaining this amazing site for their shows. Anyone who has been a show chair or on a show committee knows the challenges that present themselves when you are faced with finding a new venue. Way to go!


Jennifer Crane

Taos, New Mexico

My issue is the new date … It is right in the middle of the American Boxer Club national specialty! Many of the top Boxer handlers also have top-five dogs in Working and other groups. It’s a travesty that they have picked a date that conflicts with one of the largest national breed shows in this country!


Barbara Miller

Brookville, New York

I believe it will be an excellent venue for Westminster. There is tons of parking, and adjoining highways make getting to the center easy enough. Trains run directly to the complex with a short walk across a walkway into the various venues. Being a tennis fan in the early years, it was a delight attending and seeing it advance to the stage it now has achieved. Arthur Ashe was a good friend of mine and surely he’s pleased with the advances the center has made. My youngest son was a ball boy there when he was 14, and in those years, it was simple to drive in and out of the venue. But times have changed, and the center has expanded, so I would assume lots of time should be considered when travelling with a dog. There are many hotels for the convenience of LaGuardia Airport, the center’s next-door neighbor. I’d invite someone to stay at my home here on Long Island, but the rooms are already taken. 


Iva Kimmelman 

Stow, Massachusetts 

It's fantastic!

Yes, I know the venue. It's huge and easy to negotiate.

I trust this very old club to have done all the research, checked all the boxes and decided this would work.

Manhattan is in the past. 

Let's move on. 



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