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Question of the Week

As spring approaches, what, if any medication do you use to combat fleas and ticks?


Rhonda Pacchioli

Easton, Pennsylvania 

We use an all-natural approach to flea and tick control. The dogs are raw-fed and we use bovine colostrum for additional immune support. We also have our property perimeter treated with diatomaceous earth and Neem.

Rita Figg

Laurel, Florida    

I use Trifexis only if needed! My dogs are on Interceptor for the Collie, and Heartgard Plus for the Afghans year round. I do not use any oral or spot medications on my dogs on a regular basis — why use a poison on your dogs if you do not need it? If we get fleas or ticks (and I know Trifexis is not approved as useful for ticks, but it does work), I use Trifexis for several months, which covers the heartworm preventative and fleas and ticks!


Vicki Wisher

Pittsburg, California

We use monthly application of Sentry Fiproguard Plus for both fleas and tick prevention.


Dick Miller

La Harpe, Illinois

I used a variety of products on the market for flea and tick prevention. I tended to use it year around rather than in what might have been consider the flea/tick season. I usually applied a product on the shoulders the first of each month. I used whatever product my vet was recommending. My dogs did not have issues with ticks, but fleas were a huge issue without regular treatment.


Janet York

New York, New York

I use Frontline every other month throughout the year. In the country I have my lawn holistically sprayed every six weeks throughout the year. Rarely see a tick and never a flea!


Diana Smiley 

Santa Rosa, California

I am very lucky —  I have not had any fleas for the last 30 years. I never give any flea or tick products to dogs or on my dogs. I only give the three initial five-way puppy shots, Two month, three months, four months. Then rabies. I never give yearly boosters. My dogs’ immune system is always good. I believe adding any of these products only suppresses the immune system.


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