Sid Marx

Dyed dogs, unhappy exhibits, and trust but verify ... Read More

The Miniature Pinscher standard says the tail is "docked in proportion to size of dog."
Attitudes about the necessity of docking vary from judge to judge. Read More

Judges may disagree over how to interpret certain terms in standards, such as the "clear islands of red color" called for in the Irish Red and White Setter.
Who is right and who is wrong? Read More
In the face of conflicting priorities, Sid Marx asks who is right — and who is wrong? Read More
Sid Marx watches the big show from home rather than ringside. Read More
Sid Marx offers an unsolicited gift for this holiday season: Hard-won dog knowledge from more than a half-century in the sport. Read More
We all know the poem about the Rainbow Bridge. And we all know what it is to be blessed with the love of our dogs. Read More

Those were the days, my friends: a dog show, pre-COVID.
As the rest of the country – actually, the world – struggles to maintain some sense of sanity, our dog community is moving forward in a steady, sensible manner. Read More
Our sport is not just what we do – it is who we are. Read More
Wikipedia defines an expert as "a person with extensive knowledge or ability based on research, experience or occupation and in a particular area of study," and notes that experts don't always agree. Certainly sounds like a conformation judge to me.  Read More


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