Espen Engh of Norway judges BIS at the 2018 Santa Barbara Kennel Club Show.
Fri, 07/22/2022 - 5:36am

The Gossip Column: July 22, 2022

Santa Barbara panel announced, who the heck is Eddy?

The panel is out for that popular August event, the SANTA BARBARA KENNEL CLUB’S BREEDERS’ SHOWCASE. Slated to judge are KEN MURRAY, Sporting breeds; PAMELA LAMBIE, Hound breeds; REMY SMITH-LEWIS, Working breeds; LARRY CORNELIUS, Terrier breeds; JANET ALLEN, Toy breeds; DENNIS O’CONNOR, Non-Sporting breeds, and CHANNING SHEETS, Herding breeds. Best in Showcase will be decided by two international judges, SEI-ICHIRO ISHIMARU and JOSE HOMEM DEMEROL, along with, if needed, tie-breaker judge PAUL STANTON. ...

The AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB has created a new award called the AKC EDDY AWARD. I’m told it’s not named after any one particular person; it’s just a name they came up with. This new award will be given “to the parent club that provides outstanding breeder education materials to dog owners. It is designed to encourage and reward parent clubs that provide extensive breeder education to anyone interested in breeding their breed. A parent club must demonstrate a breeder education effort (website, workshop, mentoring or the like) that provides information beyond the expected in an interesting and unique manner.” Among other recognition, a certificate will be presented to the winner or winners at the AKC NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP in December. ...

MARI-BETH O’NEILL is mixing a little business and pleasure, attending a conference in the Pacific Northwest this weekend; she will stay in the area for several days to celebrate her birthday. ...

As a result of the pandemic, there are two World Dog Shows being held in 2022. The long-awaited and multi-cancelled World Dog Show in Madrid was finally held in June, immediately following the Westminster Kennel Club. The second show, to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, hosted by the Brazilian Kennel Club, is coinciding with their 100th anniversary. The show dates are December 8 through 11. WORLD DOG SHOWS don’t as a rule have many American judges, as we aren’t members of the FCI. But our South American family is much more accustomed to our way of judging and our judges. So it isn’t too much of surprise that there are 10 American judges on the upcoming show. They are BARBARA ALDERMAN, BOB BUSBY, BRUCE SCHWARTZ, CHARLIE OLVIS, DAVID MILLER, DAVID HADDOCK, DESI MURPHY, EVALYN GREGORY, JAY RICHARDSON and KAREN WILSON. ...

A popular destination dog show when visiting the UK is the South Wales Kennel Association championship show, in part thanks to the welcoming from club secretary ISOBELL DYKES and her husband BOB. Sadly, we have learned that BOB has passed away at the age of 91. All of us at DOG NEWS send ISOBELL and her family our deepest condolences. 



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